Swivel & Clamp Hydraulic Cylinders

1.OS1 OS series is the most powerful one, but the larger footprint.
2.OS2 use bolts to secure the base of the cylinder.
3.OS3 outer thread of the cylinder is fixed directly to the cylinder used.
4.OS4 plate structure designed according to the principle of leverage, when the piston is launched for the next
   Pressure clamping operation.
5.OS5 more suitable working pressure 210kgf/cm2 environment.
When 6.OS6 used in machining, support the workpiece to prevent deformation.
7.OS7 apply to the top of the workpiece occasions, by the spring return position back, and the volume
   Convenient for installation.
8.CB holder containing a hydraulic sequence valve supercharger, by the order of pre-press process
   Valve actuation, get multiple booster.